CIE Lunchtime Series Talks

This series provides an opportunity to highlight the research conducted by the faculty, staff and visiting researches at the Center for the IE community at F&ES. The talks are held during Friday lunch with time for Q&A and feedback from the audience.  

2018-2019 series: 

  • IoT& Data in the Context of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities : Micro to Macro, Prof. Sekhar Kondepudi, Director, MSc in Environmental Management (MEM) Program, National University of Singapore
  • Oil Abundance: New Climate Strategies for 21st Century Unconventional Energy Resources, Deborah Gordon, Director, Energy and Climate Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 
  • Anyone Want my Half Eaten Artisanal Sandwich?: Food in the Sharing Economy, Tamar Makov, PhD candidate.
  • Urban Mining towards Environmental and Resource Sustainability: Science, Technology and Policy, Dr. Xianlai Zeng, Fulbright Visiting Fellow, from Tsinghua University. 
  • Introduction to Green Chemistry through the Green ChemisTREE, Hanno Erythropel,Postdoctoral Associate, and Laurene Petitjean, PhD candidate, from the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering
  • Just Transitions and Socio-Metabolic Transformation: Learning Lessons from the Global Renewable Energy Transition, Mark Swilling, professor of Sustainable Development in the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University. 
  • Applied LCA: Climate Mitigation for Passenger Vehicles, ​Qinghsi Tu, Postdoctoral Associate

2017-2018 series: 

  • Life Cycle Assessment in the Chinese Auto Industry, Xin Sun, Chinese Automotive Technology and Resource Center
  • Incorporating Use of Capital into US Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis, ​Peter Berrill and Reed Miller, PhD candidates
  • The Rectangular Choice-of-Technologies Model: Resource Scarcity, Stock-Flow Dynamics, and Recycling Potential in an Input-Output ContextNathaniel Springer, Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Industry and Climate Change Mitigation, Prof. Edgar Hertwich
  • Bayesian Inference in Surface Water Quality Modeling, Farnaz Nojavan, Postdoctoral Associate
  • LCA as a Decision Aid: Bridging the Academic - Business Divide, Thomas Swarr, Lecturer
  • Experiences from the Metal Industry, ​Galdino Claro, former CEO of Sims Metal Managements
  • Making the Invisible Visible: The Challenge of Quantifying the Climate Impact of Corporations, Suzanne Greene, Environmental Scientist, MIT
  • How Blockchain will Transform the Trade of used Electronics, Rohi Sukhia, founder and CEO of Tradeloop Corporation
  • Why Do We Recycle?  Disciplinary Questions on Sustainable Municipal Waste Management, Samantha MacBride, Director of Research and Operations at the Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability, NYC Department of Sanitation