Barbara Reck, Sr. Research Scientist, Professor Yuan Yao, et al.

Future Cities’ Material Flows: Implications of Design, Production & Waste

William McDonough, Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation

Waging Peace Through Commerce, by Design

Edgar Hertwich

Green Energy Choices: The Benefits, Risks and Trade-Offs of Low Carbon Technologies for Electricity Production

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Marian Chertow - Industrial Symbiosis: Beyond Kalundborg (2015 ISIE Conference in Surrey)

Thomas Graedel

Thomas Graedel - Industrial Ecology's First Decade (2015 ISIE Conference in Surrey)

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Industrial Ecology as a Source of Competitive Advantage: Forwarding Recycled Fashion in America

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Design for Environment and Life Cycle Assessment-Important Aspects in the Mercedes-Benz Business Strategy

Urbanization Series: Trends in Urbanization

Urbanization Series: The Need for Transformative Change in Policy

Urbanization Series: The Study of Cities and Process of Urbanization

Minal Mistry

LCA Informing Packaging Design: A Case Study of COMPASS

Duncan Bury

Canadian Approaches to EPR:The Road from Shared Stewardship to Full Producer Responsibility

Kim Jeffery, CEO Nestle Waters North America

Remaking Recycling in the US: The Potential of Extended Producer Responsibility

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The History of Packaging Legislation in the US

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Biodegradability and Packaging: Finding Facts in Fiction

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The Science Behind Ocean Garbage Patches

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Designing Trash: Packaging Choices and Waste Management Systems

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History and Prospect of EPR in the U.S.: From Waste to Materials Management