The Science Behind Mapping, Measuring, and Reducing Amazon’s Carbon Footprint, with Mike Taptich, Sr. Research Scientist

Friday, March 26, 2021 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Via Zoom
United States
Event Type: 
Lunchtime Series Talk

Michael Taptich is a Senior Research Scientist within Amazon’s Sustainability Science and Innovation team. His research focuses on sustainable infrastructure systems (e.g., goods movement, fuel distribution, water, etc.), climate resiliency, and environmental data science. His understanding of today’s pressing environmental issues is grounded in terms of science and real-life experience. He grew up in Carbon County, Pennsylvania and is the first generation not to work for a coal company. He was the first to graduate with a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate program and later went on to help set its flagship goal to become carbon neutral by 2040. In his own words: “My team advances sustainability in Amazon’s core business practices. We conduct research to map, model and measure the end-to-end environmental and social impact of the company and vet sustainability topics that will have the greatest future impact to Amazon’s customers and our communities.”